Send a message to your MLA. Tell them to make a corruption inquiry a priority in the legislature.


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Tell your MLA: We need a corruption inquiry!

Criminal gangs. Drug dealers. Money launderers. They pumped BILLIONS of dirty dollars into B.C. Overdose deaths became a crisis. Housing prices climbed out of control. Casinos ran wild.

Now honest, hardworking families are struggling — all while politicians’ friends and party insiders are living the high life on the public dime.

WE DESERVE ANSWERS. Why did our politicians allow this to happen for so long? Why did they ignore warnings from police? How much money did they take from those responsible?

Only an independent public inquiry can get to the bottom of this. It must be outside of political control. And it must be launched NOW.

Tell your MLA to take a stand for our democracy and call for a corruption inquiry.

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