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Defend B.C. from oil spills

The B.C. government wants to hear from you about new proposals to defend our province from oil spills.

Submit your comment today. Let’s tell our provincial government we support stronger standards for spill response — and we don’t want hundreds more diluted bitumen tankers exposing our communities to new and greater risks.

The Ministry of Environment is putting forward five proposals:

  1. Mandatory spill response times for oil shippers
  2. Plans to protect environmentally and culturally sensitive areas
  3. Compensation by oil companies to the communities they harm
  4. Stronger provincial oversight of risks to our coastline
  5. Restrictions on new diluted bitumen shipments until scientists tell us it’s safe

It’s time to implement these common-sense measures to defend B.C. Oil companies have to meet far higher standards in neighbouring jurisdictions like Washington State. But once they cross the border, they can fall asleep at the wheel!

We’re speaking up for our homes, our clean water and our families’ safety. Deadline for public comment is April 30. Learn more.

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