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Dear Editor: Time to stop burning money on Trans Mountain

Last week, the town of Lytton burned to the ground and 700 people died in an unprecedented heatwave.

The federal Liberals should be doing everything possible to avoid future climate disasters. Instead, they’re funding the expansion of the oil and gas industry and the construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline.

But where is all this crude oil supposed to go? Washington State takes most of Trans Mountain’s shipments now. They plan to ban the sale of gas cars and trucks after 2030. And markets in Asia are losing interest too. Even Canada’s energy regulator says Trans Mountain is no longer needed.

It’s not too late to cancel Trans Mountain. Instead of wasting $16 billion on a pipeline with no future, we should invest in things we actually need, like clean energy and affordable housing. Tell the editor of your local news outlet where you’d like to see that money spent instead.

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