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Remind council how important trees are to our community

This summer, a local Dogwood team challenged their city council to take the first steps on climate action and bring in a new bylaw that protects trees and sets the stage for an urban forest strategy. Thanks to an incredible response from Dogwood supporters, a near record 719 people packed public meetings and completed the bylaw survey.

Public participation showed city planners how much residents value trees. And now, we need to speak up again.

Something must have been lost in translation — or perhaps the powerful development community who is accustomed to getting its way leaned on staff — because the draft bylaw doesn’t offer the protection for undeveloped lots that our community asked for.

On Monday, September 19, the ball shifts to council’s court for first reading. This is a great moment to send a quick e-mail with “Tree Bylaw” in the subject line to remind them a green, well-planned city protects the quality of life for those of us who live here now, and our children and grandchildren who will live here into the future. Tell them you want development that is smart — not sprawl — and ask them to support an urban forest strategy that makes residents, not developers, the number one stakeholder. You can send that email right here, right now.

Remind city council that you are paying attention. Growth and change are coming to Courtenay, and with your continued participation, we can make it smart.

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