Yes! It’s time to break the silence and hold politicians accountable. We need a Corruption Inquiry in B.C.


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B.C. needs a Corruption Inquiry

After decades of unchecked political power, fuelled by unlimited amounts of money from corporations, unions and wealthy individuals from anywhere in the world, laws to ban big money are finally on the horizon.

But too many unanswered questions still remain. It’s time to break the silence and hold politicians accountable. To reclaim our democracy from the crushing influence of big money, we need an independent investigation into the impact political donations have had on major decisions in our province.

Top ten reasons for a Corruption Inquiry:

U.S. trophy hunter Super PAC sends mystery cheque to keep grizzly slaughter open

Premier flip-flops on Kinder Morgan oil tankers after Alberta oil patch fundraisers

Massive money-losing Massey toll bridge forced on local mayors

Health researchers fired in 2012 after Big Pharma donors lean on government

Mount Polley disaster goes unpunished after owners funnel cash to politicians

LNG company run by corrupt Malaysian regime finagles fracking, pipeline concessions

Road paving and transport contracts snapped up by donor companies

BC Hydro commits billions to Site C contractors, Independent Power Producers

Real estate barons rake in the cash as ordinary families can’t afford housing

Secretive Advantage BC program hands out tax breaks to foreign state-owned companies

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