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To Attorney General David Eby,
I am alarmed by evidence of rampant money-laundering through B.C. casinos, luxury vehicles and real estate. We need to know more about how this criminal activity has hurt ordinary British Columbians.
The casino industry, the car dealers’ association and the real estate sector were all major political donors under B.C.’s old Wild West fundraising laws. I am particularly concerned about the influence these donations may have had in weakening regulations and government oversight.
I call on you to introduce a special task force to investigate donations to B.C. politicians and their influence on decision-making in the province. 
It is becoming clear that something is deeply rotten in British Columbia. Even though your government has changed B.C.’s campaign finance laws, we need to know how decades of unlimited donations influenced, and continue to affect, the health of our province.
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Attorney General David Eby: It’s time to call the cops

Attorney General David Eby appears to have inherited a huge mess. Money-laundering casinos, a housing market corrupted by drug dealers, powerful industries writing their own laws — our beautiful province is rotting from the inside out.

Our democracy is suffering from decades of darkness and secrecy, with Big Money pouring in from corporate bank accounts and lobbyists running amok. It’s time to let the sunshine in.

The Attorney General knows there is a serious problem. That’s why he commissioned Peter German to investigate B.C. casinos, real estate and luxury cars. But what he is finding only raises more questions.

British Columbians deserve to know what went wrong in this province and how much past decision-makers knew about it. This investigation can’t be run by politicians. We need an independent police task force to expose and dig out the rot.

This is the next step towards a stronger democracy. Tell Attorney General David Eby: It’s time to call in the cops.

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