YES, I call on my government to consult Indigenous communities whose fishing rights would be impacted by a diluted bitumen spill.


Subject: TMX, wild salmon and Indigenous rights

Dear Premier Horgan, Minister Heyman and Minister Fraser,


I’m writing to express my support for a resolution passed by the UBCIC Chiefs-in-Assembly October 3, 2019: Protecting Fraser River Salmon Habitat.


As a British Columbian I treasure wild salmon and a healthy environment. It is equally important to me that my government operate in accordance with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. It is not just our legal obligation; it is the key to our shared future.


I urge you to engage in deep, meaningful consultation with the nations whose rights to salmon or other aquatic species could be impacted by a diluted bitumen spill in the Fraser Watershed, as to the appropriate environmental conditions for B.C. to attach to the proposed Trans Mountain expansion project.

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Premier Horgan: stand up for salmon, respect Indigenous rights

Wild salmon are the backbone of Indigenous cultures across B.C. and a key part of the food chain. Diluted bitumen is a toxic heavy crude oil blend that sinks in water. One spill could wipe out salmon runs already hit hard by climate change and habitat loss.

The Trans Mountain pipeline expansion would cross 500 streams in the Fraser Watershed and send 400 loaded oil tankers a year into the Salish Sea. Before this project can go forward, the B.C. government must consult with all the communities whose fishing rights would be impacted by a spill.

In 2019, the Squamish Nation won a court case forcing the B.C. government to reconsider the conditions it attaches to the Trans Mountain project. Now, Indigenous leaders from across the Fraser Watershed are calling on John Horgan’s government to engage in deep, meaningful consultation with the nations upstream who rely on salmon.

It’s not just B.C.’s legal duty. It’s the right thing to do.

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