YES, I call on Prime Minister Trudeau and Finance Minister Morneau to tell Canadians how much the Trans Mountain project is going to cost us.

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Come Clean, Trudeau

Trudeau wants you to believe the Trans Mountain oil tanker expansion will generate profits to spend on clean energy and tree planting.

But we know Trans Mountain is losing money every month. It’s now Canada’s biggest fossil fuel subsidy. There’s not a shred of proof this dead-end project will ever turn a profit. In fact, it looks like taxpayers could be on the hook for big losses.

Since Trans Mountain was bought by a Crown corporation, it’s gone dark about the spiraling costs of the expansion. Or how the federal government plans to get our money back from a project so risky that even Big Oil wouldn’t bet on it.

We knew more about Trans Mountain when it was owned by a Texas oil company than we do now that it’s in public hands. Private investors wouldn’t put up with this, and neither should we.

It’s time for Trudeau to come clean.

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