Tell our government to stand up for British Columbians.

Choke off dirty U.S. coal!

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Choke off dirty U.S. coal!

Coal dust billowing off the American coal trains careening through our towns is coating the homes and lungs of children in British Columbia. Why? So Donald Trump’s coal baron donors can squeeze the last profits from their dying industry.

Coal is poison. Its dust causes cancer, asthma and other serious diseases — even early death for babies forced to breathe it in. Every port city on the west coast of the U.S. has rejected thermal coal because of its terrible health effects, but instead of defending Canadians and saying no to Trump, Trudeau’s government has allowed massive increases in U.S. thermal coal exports through B.C.

Our province has the power to choke off dirty coal exports through our communities, but they need the political will. Tell your MLA you expect them to stand up for our health and safety.

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