YES, I call on the B.C. government to cancel the Site C dam – and save us billions of dollars on our Hydro bills.


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Don’t let BC Hydro jack up your bill

The Site C dam is a disaster. This is our last chance to stop it – and save billions of taxpayer dollars.

Last year top B.C. government officials learned the Site C dam may be impossible to build. But they hid that information from the public. And kept spending our money.

The problems got worse. Earthquakes. Giant cracks. Moving foundations. The project budget soared from 6.6 to 12 billion dollars. Now BC Hydro won’t even estimate the cost. Or say if it can be finished.

Why are we building Site C? To provide cheap power to fracking companies. That’s right, it’s a giant gift to the oil and gas industry. Paid for by a huge increase on our Hydro bills.

Tell the B.C. government to pull the plug on Site C – and save ratepayers billions of dollars.

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