We need to hold this government accountable.

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Hold the B.C. government accountable

Premier Horgan promised to respect Indigenous rights. He said he’d use “every tool in the toolbox” to defend the B.C. coast from the Trans Mountain oil tanker expansion.

Instead, he’s fighting the Squamish Nation in court to defend Christy Clark’s Big Money-bought pipeline approval. Huh?!

We need to hold this government accountable. Will you give your MLA a call today?

Here’s some background for you:

  • In January 2017, Premier Christy Clark approved the Trans Mountain pipeline and tanker expansion — after her party accepted more than $771,168 in political donations from the project’s backers.
  • The Squamish Nation launched a legal challenge, arguing this approval violated their rights.
  • Later that year, Premier Horgan was sworn in as premier, based on a promise to use “every tool in the toolbox” to defend B.C. from this oil tanker project.
  • But that fall, his new government argued against the Squamish Nation in B.C. Supreme Court, in defence of the previous B.C. government’s pipeline approval.
  • The Squamish Nation lost that first round in provincial court, but launched an appeal.
  • Then, First Nations including the Squamish won a landmark victory in the Federal Court of Appeal in August 2018. The federal court struck down Trudeau’s federal pipeline approval because the NEB review was so flawed.
  • The B.C. project approval relied on that same flawed NEB review, but is still standing. However, Premier Horgan’s government is choosing to again fight Squamish is provincial court, arguing that their appeal should be dismissed and the provincial pipeline approval left standing.

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