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Tell your MP it’s time to rethink Trans Mountain

Devastating West Coast wildfires are a stark reminder of what daily life could look like if we don’t break free from fossil fuels, now.

The federal government has a choice: keep pouring fuel on the fire by building the Trans Mountain pipeline, or invest those billions of dollars in rebuilding a green, healthy and fair economy as we recover from COVID-19.

This pandemic has changed everything. Major global agencies are predicting the end of oil, and more than 100 Canadian economists have told the federal government Trans Mountain no longer makes economic sense.

But still, pipeline construction is ramping up. We need to change course before it’s too late.

In just a few days, every MP in the House of Commons will get to vote on the post-pandemic recovery plan Justin Trudeau set out in the Speech from the Throne.

Call your MP right now and tell them to rethink Trans Mountain, and free up billions for the game-changing investments we need to weather the twin storms of COVID-19 and the climate crisis.

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