Call Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s office now:

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Call Minister Morneau now

The finance minister is offering to bail out Kinder Morgan if they can’t get their pipeline built — giving our hard-earned tax dollars to oil billionaires in Houston.

Two years ago the Liberals campaigned on a promise to end fossil fuel subsidies. Now they’re talking about handing a Texas pipeline company a blank cheque.

It’s unacceptable. We have to bring them to their senses.

Make your call today. It’ll take just a couple minutes. Here are a few things you can say:

  • Emphasize that you’re a Canadian voter or resident.
  • Tell him that you oppose the use of taxpayer dollars on a doomed pipeline and tanker expansion.
  • Briefly explain why. (Eg. You oppose Kinder Morgan’s tanker project. You just can think of better uses of public money.)

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