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John Horgan needs to hear from you

John Horgan said on CBC’s On the Coast in August:

“The only people that ever talk to me about Kinder Morgan are people on radio interviews.”

John Horgan has the tools to stand up against this Texas tanker project — and we can’t let him forget that British Columbians are counting on him to keep his promise.

Call John Horgan’s office right now to make your voice heard. Even though he’s now premier, at the end of the day, John Horgan is still accountable to you, his constituents.

Here are a few tips for calling the constituency office, whether you talk to someone or leave a message:

  1. Tell them your name and that you live in Mr. Horgan’s riding.
  2. Be polite and clear.
  3. Tell them that you oppose the Kinder Morgan pipeline and tanker project, and that you look forward to John Horgan keeping his promise to stand up for B.C.

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