Tell Bill Morneau to stop giving your money to oil companies.

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No more tax dollars for oil expansion

Everyday people are struggling to get ahead. Meanwhile, oil companies rake in exorbitant profits — thanks to publicly-funded handouts, tax breaks and bailouts.

The federal government promised to end fossil fuel subsidies. Instead, they want to squander billions of public money this year expanding oil production.

Last year, Finance Minister Bill Morneau overpaid for a leaky old pipeline. Kinder Morgan’s Texas pipeline execs laughed all the way to the bank with $4.5 billion of our money. But that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Next, Morneau wants to build the Trans Mountain pipeline and tanker project on the public’s dime. The final cost? He won’t say. But Kinder Morgan last estimated it at more than $9 billion. And remember, all this is on top of the billions of public money already wasted every year on fossil fuel subsidies.

Rather than investing in housing or healthcare, in clean water or sustainable jobs, Morneau wants to keep spending our money paying the oil industry to pollute even more.

Canadians have had enough. Submit your comment to the 2019 budget consultation by January 29.

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