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Dear Commission Secretary,

Please note my opposition to BC Hydro’s proposed amendments to Net Metering.
Over the past 16 years, thanks to the Net Metering rate, the passion of engaged citizens, and the changing economics of community solar, people invested their time and savings to start building the energy grid of the future.
A robust Net Metering program allows consumers to cooperatively build energy systems. Returning a fair rate for surplus power benefits British Columbians by encouraging individuals to replace the fossil fuels driving the climate crisis.
I call on the BCUC to reject BC Hydro’s proposed amendments under RS 1289.
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Will the BC Utilities Commission defend local power?

In April 2019 BC Hydro filed an application with their regulator, the BC Utilities Commission, to hobble Net Metering — a program designed to integrate locally produced power with our grid.

The sudden reversal, implemented without warning, caught community solar pioneers off guard — setting up a confrontation between our public utility and 2,400 energy producers trying to use their rooftops to build a clean energy future.

During 10 months of hearings Intervenors delivered 21 submissions supporting the Net Metering program. They underscored this point: Net metering is an important ingredient in renewable energy ecosystems. Those ecosystems help consumers replace fossil fuels with clean local power and create local jobs along the way. We’re going to need a lot more of them as we tackle the climate crisis.

The BCUC’s job is to determine whether or not Hydro’s proposed limits are in the public interest. We don’t believe they are. As Net Metering amendment hearings draw to a close, we need your help to stop Hydro’s proposed amendments.

Send a letter to the BC Utilities Commission. Protect Net Metering so local power can grow.

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