SIGN THE PLEDGE: “I applaud the B.C. government for standing with us against oil tanker expansion.

And I will hold them accountable if they abandon the fight.”


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We will not be bullied by oil companies or their politicians. We will defend our rights, our water and our future.

Premier John Horgan has done something simple and brave. Now the oil lobby is furious.

The B.C. government announced a halt to increased shipments of diluted bitumen, until scientists can finally study what this toxic blend of heavy crude does when it spills. What are the effects on human bodies, or bodies of water?

The oil industry is desperate to stop this study, because the truth could jeopardize the Kinder Morgan oil tanker project. They’re launching a multi-million dollar national campaign to force the B.C. government to buckle.

Now’s the time to tell our local MLAs we’re counting on them to stand strong for our health and safety. For Indigenous consent. And a sustainable future for our province.

Sign the pledge today!

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