Resources for organizers

The tools we need to reclaim our decision-making power

The following resources are provided for you as tools to organize yourself, your team and your community, to reclaim decision-making power over our shared environment and democracy.

Organizing means empowering our communities to take collective action. It allows people to combine their resources, skills and relationships to build power and reach common goals. To do so, we must have good tools, great communication and champion teammates.

So, below you’ll find a list and a brief paragraph explaining why we use these tools and tactics to reach our shared goals.


  1. Building our base of supporters
    1. Tools for canvassing in your community
    2. Handouts for canvassing
    3. Data organizing
  2. Building relationships with your politicians
  3. Direct democracy tool – the citizens’ initiative
  4. Volunteer stories and profiles
  5. Dogwood podcasts and news
  6. Resources for volunteers using Nationbuilder

Building our base of supporters

The bread and butter of our movement building comes from our ability to get out in the community and have face-to-face conversations about shared values. Canvassing is a quintessential way of doing so. It allows us to build our network of concerned citizens and connect them to more opportunities to take action.

Tools for canvassing in your community

Informational handouts for canvassing events

Once we have the information we need about who our people are, we must ensure it is safely secured within our system. We use this information to keep our supporters updated about the issues they care about and to reach out to them at key campaign moments.

Data Organizing

Building relationships with your politicians

A healthy democracy means politicians truly represent the will of the people. To do that, they need to hear what their constituents care about. So, volunteer team constituents meet with politicians to communicate their shared values and provide an update on the amount of people in their riding who support our campaigns. Doing so helps us build the relationships and trust needed to work together for our environment and ensure a truly representative democracy.

Check out this government relations presentation to give you an idea of some best practices and how the political process works. For template agendas and additional resources, please reach out to your point person.

Direct democracy tool – the citizens’ initiative

Our organizing network is constantly working to build the grassroots power to be able to run a citizens’ initiative if we ever need to.

Under B.C.’s unique direct democracy laws, citizens can propose our own legislation if we sign up 10 per cent of registered voters in every riding across B.C. In preparation, our goal is to grow our support base to 15 per cent of voters in every riding, which gives us a safe margin of error. We build local teams across B.C. and give them the tools and skills they need to reach out to their neighbours.

You can find a history of Dogwood’s citizens’ initiative organizing here.

Volunteer Stories and Profiles

We’re a loosely knit group of concerned citizens ready to step out of our boundaries for the future of our planet and people. But, we’re also so much more than that. Here you can find the stories of some of our inspiring people (click on the images to read more!):

Dogwood Podcasts and News

For more Dogwood news, read our blogs or enjoy content on the go with our podcasts.

Resources for Volunteers Using Nationbuilder

Nationbuilder is the tool we use to organize and identify our volunteers. It is the database that allows local teams to keep information about their volunteers in a centralized and accessible place. It is also what we use to link all of our teams together and see how much we are growing. Thanks to this essential tool, we can mobilize large masses of volunteers in key campaign moments like a citizens’ initiative or an election. This section only applies to volunteers who are taking on a leadership role in their team. You must have a Nationbuilder account and work closely with your point person to gain access you need.


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