Public Hearing Re-zoning of Water Lot 1 and Westsong Walkway

Victoria City Council has initiated several re-zonings for land and waters off Songhees that will implement policies that they have developed through public process over many years.  These policies have been on the books for many years and are not appearing “out of the blue”.  The proposed Mega Yacht moorage has focused attention on the need to implement  these policies.  Despite the fear mongering  that has accompanied every community initiative, these rezonings  are within the scope of authority that municipal councils have.

Unlike many rezonings that are developer initiated, these rezonings are community, (our City Council), initiated.  Members of our  community are asked to support these initiatives.

Please come  to the Public Hearing and let the Mayor and Council of the City of Victoria know you support their re-zoning to protect Victoria Harbour and the Westsong Walkway.

If you can’t come, please write a letter of support to Mayor and Council at in time to arrive before the day of the hearing  so that it can be incorporated into the public record.  Please  thank them for their initiative and register your support for their efforts to protect our Walkway and our Harbour.

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