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The Never ending Softwood Story

02.19.04 | In Depth | 

Dialogue about softwood in Canada needs an overhaul. It’s uninformed, simplistic and jingoistic. Even progressive politicians like Jack Layton have been captured by the rhetoric. Just last week he was in the media, representing the dispute in purely nationalistic terms. Wake up Canadians -we subsidize our logging industry. Did you know that Canada’s argument that […]

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Campbell’s secret meeting: Intimidation of CBM activists?

02.17.04 | Retired Campaigns | 

Last week I got a frantic phone call from a friend currently working in northeastern BC. He quietly whispered, “Did you know Premier Campbell is secretly visiting the northeast?” I hadn’t known of Campbell’s trip, but then I don’t follow his travel schedule that closely. As I was on my way to an important meeting […]

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A new era begins-First Nations' days of action

02.16.04 | In Depth | 

Mark February 16, 2004 in your calendars. It will be remembered as an important day in British Columbia history. Today, First Nations from across BC have begun taking local action as part of a variety of local actions as a part of a Title & Rights Alliance sponsored Action Plan. In Enderby, near Vernon, the […]

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More First Nation Actions

02.16.04 | In Depth | 

Beginning February 16, First Nations from around BC began taking action to indicate their growing frustration with the Liberal government’s land and forestry agenda. These actions are part of a coordinated Action Plan developed by the newly-created Title and Rights Alliance. Over 40 people representing a number of First Nations from the Shuswap Nation Tribal […]

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Canfor's takeover of Slocan-the impacts (Part 1)

02.13.04 | In Depth | 

Lost in the waves of publicity surrounding the ribbon-cutting on Canfor’s “super sawmill” in Houston was any real discussion of the social and environmental impacts of this mill or the proposed merger with Slocan. Are these events good for British Columbia? for affected communities? for workers? for First Nations? or for the environment? All of […]

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Skeena Cellulose reduxxx

02.11.04 | In Depth | 

From Doman to Skeena Cellulose (bankruptcies), and Canfor-Slocan to Lignum-Riverside (mergers), it’s hard to keep up with the real news in the forest industry these days. The mainstream media don’t help matters much, by providing sporadic and disappointingly blinkered coverage–rated G, for Good for business (as usual). The Dogwood Bulletin will have more on the […]

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The next corporate giveaway compensation

02.10.04 | In Depth | 

The next step in the Liberals’ mission to give public resources to logging corporations is expected to be finalized in the coming weeks – the new compensation regulations. Remember the government’s promise in the ersatz Forest Revitalization Act to provide $200,000,000 in cash compensation to logging corporations as payback for tenure reallocations? Well it’s about […]

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Tenure re-allocation: the coming day of reckoning

02.09.04 | In Depth | 

The reality of tenure reallocation will hit logging companies, First Nations and communities in the next few weeks. Dogwood Initiative has learned that the BC government will send letters to each tenure-holding company indicating the volume of wood to be taken back from each licence. These letters will go out by month’s end. Given closed-door […]

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