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Carrier Sekani challenge proposed Canfor Slocan merger

12.15.03 | Retired Campaigns | 

Earlier this month the Carrier Sekani Tribal Council (CSTC), representing 8 nations in the central interior near Prince George, put both Canfor and Slocan “on notice” that were exploring the “full range of legal and other options to vigorously defend our Aboriginal Title and Rights against infringements related to [the] proposed merger”. In their letter […]

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Pavilion Indian Band sends Ministry a messag

12.13.03 | Retired Campaigns | 

The Pavilion Band cancelled a scheduled meeting with the provincial government about coalbed methane (CBM) development in Hat Creek. The cancelation sends a message to the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) that they face formidable obstacles in trying to divide and conquer First Nations in order to exploit coalbed methane in Hat Creek. Despite […]

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BC First Nations launch Title lawsuits

12.11.03 | Retired Campaigns | 

Today, First Nations from across BC launched lawsuits seeking judicial recognition of their Aboriginal Title. First Nations are launching these court proceedings because of the lack of good faith negotiations that were supposed to follow as a result of the Delgamuuwkw victory in 199, according to Justa Monk, Title and Rights Alliance steering committee member. […]

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First Nations oppose Canfor’s merger plan

12.07.03 | Retired Campaigns | 

First Nation leaders announced they will inform the shareholders of Slocan that the proposed merger “is a poor investment if First Nations challenge this transaction“. “The recent announcement of the proposed merger between Slocan and Canfor will not occur without First Nations involvement”, states Justa Monk, Steering Committee Member for the province-wide Title and Rights […]

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Visionary Haida leader re-elected

12.01.03 | Retired Campaigns | 

Guujaaw, the visionary President of the Council of the Haida Nation (CHN), was overwelmingly reelected by the Haida. Rumour has it that one motivation for the provincial Crown’s Sept. 6 offer of a land package that includes “control” of 20% of Haida Gwaii was to foment opposition against Guujaaw as CHN President. Guujaaw has worked […]

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Natives demand repeal of forest legislation

11.29.03 | Retired Campaigns | 

First Nation leaders from the newly launched Title & Rights Alliance demand that the provicial Crown repeal recent forest and land use legislation that infringes their Title. In a letter to Premier campbel and Forest Minister De Jong, the Title & Rights Alliance leaders condemned the new legislation stating that the governments “unilateral approach without […]

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Killing Beetlesor Democracy

11.21.03 | Retired Campaigns | 

The BC government called a meeting for November 21, to make a final decision about a beetle strategy. However, the closed door meeting excludes various community and environmental advocates who had been invited to past beetle meetings. This time? Only those friendly to the Campbell government will be allowed in the doors. We can imagine […]

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Bill 75 draws municipal fire

11.21.03 | Retired Campaigns | 

The president of the Union of B.C. Municipalities, Frank Leonard, has stepped up to denounce their Significant Projects Streamlining Act as an “affront to democracy”. Leonard is a relatively conservative politician, who originally ran for Saanich council under the Liberal banner. In his position as head of the group representing all of B.C.’s municipal governments, […]

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