Growing First Nation unrest in BC

First Nations from across BC are increasingly frustrated by the BC government’s approach to their issues. The frustration was evident at the First Nations Summit meeting last week as leader after leader complained about the treaty process and the government’s lack of consultation on virtually all resource issues.

The overall tone of the meeting was assertive, and the calls for unity were strong. One of the significant areas of agreement was the support for the Haida and Tlingit people in their March 24th hearing before the Supreme Court of Canada. Another was for united action led by the Title & Rights Alliance. Numerous leaders spoke in favour of the growing collaboration of the Title & Rights Alliance and its Action Plan.

Dates were announced for a spring Caravan to Victoria. May 17th was chosen to begin the Caravan from all corners of BC. The Title & Rights Alliance Steering Committee chose these dates to allow the meeting in Victoria to coincide with the end of the spring legislative session. Chief Robert Sam of the Songhees First Nation has agreed to host the meeting.

The Caravan and meeting in Victoria will be a focal point for expressing a unified First Nations framework for address resource issues.

The text of the announcement illustrated the tone of First Nations from around the province:

We encourage all Elders, leadership and youth from all First Nations throughout British Columbia to join us in Victoria. Strong participation from First Nations will help maintain the building momentum that began at the Kelowna and Prince George meetings. Strong participation will send an unmistakable signal to the Province – and the industries operating on our territories-that the ongoing infringements of our Title & Rights will not be tolerated.

The growing unity among First Nations creates real opportunities for sustainable land reform. Dogwood Initiative will continue working with the Title & Rights Alliance, other First Nations partners and groups in other sectors to stop destructive industrial practices and to promote sustainable alternatives.

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