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Cabinet shuffled, Hagen demoted?

01.28.04 | In Depth |  admin

One of the biggest surprises in the recent cabinet shuffle was the apparent demotion of Stan Hagen, who moved to Human Resources from Sustainable Resource Management (SRM). SRM is planning to announce two new land-use plans this spring (Lillooet and Central Coast) both of which face formidable challenges in reconciling First Nations concerns. SRM was […]

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Corporations as psychopaths environmental lessons

01.27.04 | In Depth |  admin

The anti-social legal foundations of the modern corporation are dissected in the new award-winning documentary, THE CORPORATION. The film, which recently won the World Cinema Documentary Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival, analyzes the behavior of these legally-created business entities that are unfortunately regarded as “persons” under the law. Ironically, the Sundance award was […]

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