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Bill 75 draws municipal fire

11.21.03 | Retired Campaigns |  admin

The president of the Union of B.C. Municipalities, Frank Leonard, has stepped up to denounce their Significant Projects Streamlining Act as an “affront to democracy”. Leonard is a relatively conservative politician, who originally ran for Saanich council under the Liberal banner. In his position as head of the group representing all of B.C.’s municipal governments, […]

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Unity is Possible

11.09.03 | Retired Campaigns |  admin

“You’re on an island, so you’re all friends.” This quotation from Haida Gwaii resident Bob Crooks, in an article by Jack Knox in the November 9 Times-Colonist, captures the spirit of united community that underlies Dogwood Initiative’s mission. This spirit, and the co-operation emerging among different communities on the Haida Gwaii, is also evidence that […]

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Unprecedented Aboriginal Conference in P.G.

10.21.03 | Retired Campaigns |  admin

Responding to a combination of great opportunity for and great threat to Aboriginal rights and title, hundreds of First Nations leaders are gathering in Prince George on October 22 and 23. The conference, entitled “Building Land and Resource Alliances Among First Nations II: Exploring Strategies and Actions” follows a conference in Kelowna in September. The […]

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