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Celebrate heroes – yesterday, today & tomorrow

05.15.07 | Commentary, No Tankers, Strategy |  Will Horter

(Text of speech given at Dogwood’s Sing for an Oil Free Coast celebration attended by 200 people on May 11, 2007 at the B.C. legislature) It’s amazing to be here today on a beautiful sunny day in Victoria celebrating among so many like minded people who care about the planet. We are here to celebrate […]

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Government’s latest trick: The disappearing offshore tanker moratorium

07.05.06 | No Tankers |  admin

Becoming Prime Minister of Canada gives one a lot of power, but I didn’t know it could turn a somewhat bookish policy wonk like StephenHarper into one of the world’s greatest magicians. But if he succeeds in disappearing a 34-year old moratorium banning oil tankers in BC’s fragile northern inside coastal waters his conjuring will […]

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Pipeline Oil Spills in BC – an anomaly or harbinger of future?

07.27.05 | No Tankers |  admin

Buried in the back pages last week was a story about an oil spill from Terasen’s pipeline that contaminated creeks and land near Abbotsford. Local residents are worried about the spill contaminating their wells and harming local livestock and the failure for government or Terasen staff to notice the spill until four days after local […]

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A community says "Never again"

06.11.04 | No Tankers |  admin

On June 10, 1999, a gas pipeline in Bellingham’s Whatcom Falls Park exploded, killing three young people. The legacy of that event is shared grief and sense of loss in the community that the city feels to this day, five years later. (See Ceremony honors pipeline blast victims and Whatcom Falls pipeline disaster) The explosion […]

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"Attract our interest" says EnCana’s Gwyn Morgan

04.30.04 | No Tankers |  admin

EnCana’s CEO Gwyn Morgan issued a call to Gordon Campbell that his giveaway government probably won’t refuse. Talking about investing in offshore exploration, Morgan said, “We really think that our interest would have to be attracted.” “Attract our interest” deserves to join those other great slogans of greed and power, “Show me the money” and […]

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