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Making sense of election promises

05.12.09 | Democracy, Election - BC 2009, No Tankers |  Will Horter

The media keeps on calling to get my take on which party has the best environmental policy. The short answer is that they are all fundamentally flawed, though the Green Party less so. There has been a lot of partisan finger-pointing and misinformation surrounding Dogwood Initiative’s position in this election. Dogwood Initiative is non-partisan and […]

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Complexities of Enbridge’s Gateway Project

04.17.09 | No Tankers |  Eric Swanson

At the invitation of CERES and Ethical Funds, Dogwood Initiative participated in an April 14th, 2009 call-in investor briefing that focused on some of the unique and poorly disclosed risks associated with Enbridge Inc’s proposed Northern Gateway tar sands pipeline/tanker project. As an NGO with an active campaign opposing the project, Dogwood was asked to […]

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Royal Bank Target of New Campaign

03.02.09 | Actions, Beyond Coal, No Tankers |  Eric Swanson

Some snow had fallen overnight in Vancouver, and though the streets were clear by morning the chill of it remained, penetrating painfully into hands and feet. A group of us were standing opposite the monolithic Vancouver Convention Center, the faux white sail roof standing as a striking architectural tribute to the power of wind and […]

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Tar Sands Sanity

11.25.08 | No Tankers |  Charles Campbell

Late last week a supporter sent me a Vancouver Sun article that declared the end of the oilsands boom. Apparently the markets have done what legions of environmentalists, concerned citizens, First Nations and dead ducks couldn’t. With oil prices a third of what they were in July the boom days of Fort McMurray are over […]

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The meaning of the message

11.19.08 | No Tankers |  Kelsey Singbeil

When I think about the number of messages that my brain processes in one day, it’s a bit overwhelming.Research shows that the average person is bombarded with over 6000 distinct messages a day, and it seems like that number is increasing at an exponential rate. So what makes a messages tick? Why do I remember […]

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Cutting Ribbons Over Our Dead Bodies

11.13.08 | No Tankers |  Eric Swanson

Usually, when I go to the gym, I don’t work on my legs very much because I figure my daily bicycle commute works them enough. Yesterday, however, I suckered myself into doing dead lifts, and then hamstring and quad curls. So today my legs are very sore; which is why I abandoned plans for outdoor […]

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Let’s Get to Work in Saanich/Gulf Islands

09.19.08 | No Tankers |  Eric Swanson

Tomorrow, Saturday Sept 20th 2008 is a big day. It’s a big day for me, everybody at Dogwood Initiative, our allies, our supporters, and for those who have fought this fight before. It was over 35 years ago that the first major struggle over whether or not to allow oil tankers through BC’s north coast […]

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No Tankers: The Straight Goods

09.19.08 | No Tankers |  Eric Swanson

One of Plato’s major rants in writing The Republic is targeted at the Sophists, who represented a school of thought that emphasized rhetoric as the primary and most essential skill for aspiring politicians and leaders. Plato accused rhetoric of too easily being turned to abuse and manipulation of the masses by fancy use of language […]

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