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Six things you should know about B.C.’s position on heavy oil proposals

08.27.13 | Commentary, Let BC Vote, No Tankers |  Eric Swanson

New documents from B.C.’s Environment ministry — briefing incoming Minister Mary Polak — reveal B.C. is woefully unprepared to respond to even a moderate oil spill. The sorry state of oil spill response capacity in B.C. has been widely known for some time, and the Ministry’s comments give fresh life to this old theme. Looming […]

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Why Premier Clark said ‘No’ to Enbridge

05.31.13 | Commentary, Let BC Vote, No Tankers |  Will Horter

Lots of people, particularly Eastern pundits, were surprised by B.C. Premier Clark’s decision to formally reject Enbridge’s oil tanker and pipeline proposal to ship Alberta crude oil through B.C. to China and other Asian markets. We weren’t. Why?  Simply because its good politics. I’ll explain. Premier Clark has staked her political future on rapidly ramping […]

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Why Clark’s five conditions are nothing but a smoke screen

05.03.13 | Election - BC 2013, Let BC Vote, No Tankers |  Will Horter

The vast majority of British Columbians oppose the expansion of oil tankers off our coast. Our jobs, our salmon and killer whales, our sense of ourselves and our future will be put at risk if Big Oil and their political supporters in Alberta and Ottawa get their way and bring hundreds of oil tankers annually […]

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How B.C. can stop oil tanker plans

07.04.12 | Let BC Vote, Strategy |  Karl Hardin

If you live in B.C. you have the power to stop the Enbridge and Kinder Morgan oil tanker and pipeline proposals from going ahead (if you live outside of B.C., don’t worry you’re part of the plan; we’ll have more on that soon). That’s because you have the power to influence provincial, municipal and federal […]

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Want an Oil Tanker Ban? Tell the Federal Liberals

06.03.10 | Actions, Let BC Vote |  Eric Swanson

Watch this video to get a sense of the historic ‘Solidarity Gathering of Nations’ event that took place in Kitimaat Village on May 29th. Then click here to write a letter to coastal members of parliament, and leadership with the Liberal Party of Canada asking for a permanent, legislated oil tanker ban for BC’s north […]

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