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The Scandal of Leadership in British Columbia Today

04.11.16 | Ban Big Money, News, No Tankers |  Dave Mills

Remember when politicians stood up for ordinary citizens? I do. There was a day when politicians stood up for the interests of average British Columbians. You will be wise to the ways of the world if you remember when W.A.C. Bennett backed down both the Americans and Ottawa and nationalized BC Hydro – making sure […]

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Taming the Wild West

04.08.16 | Ban Big Money, Commentary, Strategy |  Will Horter

“I just don’t know how much more of this I can take, John.” I’ve always loved Wild West stories. But I prefer mine in movies, not in the financial disclosure documents of British Columbia political parties. I used to spend rainy Saturdays watching old Westerns. The stories were great: outlaw gangs tormenting small towns, families […]

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7th Key Questions of 2010

02.23.10 | Ban Big Money, Commentary |  Will Horter

Question 7: Will campaign finance reform happen in 2010? Except for a few party diehards, virtually everyone in BC wants to get big money out of politics. Overwhelmingly, British Columbians are suspicious of donations from non-voters like corporations and unions.  Yet the influence of money grows. It is the “Wild West” in British Columbia. The […]

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Following The Money in Privatization Scandal

08.08.08 | Ban Big Money |  Will Horter

To get to the bottom of the Watergate scandal Deep Throat advised investigative journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein to “follow the money”. Anyone trying to understand the scandal around the privatization of lands deleted from Western Forest Products (WFP) Tree Farm Licence (TFL) should do the same. The Auditor General’s report slammed the B.C. […]

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Get big money out of politics

04.03.05 | Ban Big Money |  admin

In 1748 Benjamin Franklin wrote “time is money.” An amazing transformation has occurred in the US since then. Over the last 257 years the political system has turned money into time. The more money a politician has, the more time they are likely to have in office. Similar trends are occurring in Canada. Politics, which […]

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Influence? Donations from corporations and labour

02.26.04 | Ban Big Money |  admin

Barry Penner, the Liberal MLA from Chilliwack-Kent, has been around long enough to know that before one points fingers one should get their own house in order. Most notable about his attack on the NDP’s new leader, Carole James, was the fact that his party felt the need to attack at all. It looks like […]

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