The Best of #AdsForKitimat

This post was originally posted on April 2, and updated with more ads on April 12, 2014.

Last week stories of Enbridge employees descending upon Kitimat to sway the Northern Gateway plebiscite vote dominated news headlines, so we asked you to help balance the scales and get creative by urging people to vote “NO” with your own ads. Voting started today, so we’ve compiled some of the highlights from this crowd-sourced ad campaign — way to go everyone!

There’s still time to make your own ad in any medium, and post it to social media with the hashtag #AdsForKitimat. With a barrage of Enbridge advertisements and employees being flown in to knock on doors, we thought folks up there could use a dose of humour and encouragement to vote no. Voting continues next Wednesday April 9 and Saturday April 12, so it’s time to get creative and get your message out there!

This incredible video says it all:

And there has been a lot of great action on Twitter:



A lovely original song:

An inspiring animation:

Lionel asked us to add this interview to the mix, and we think it’s pretty powerful:

Here’s a video from Dogwood’s archives that works well:

*This is not an Enbridge animation from Shortt and Epic on Vimeo.

And the video that started it all:

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