Using an Initiative to Stop Kinder Morgan: Virtual Information Session

Join Dogwood to help stop Kinder Morgan.

During this info session, we explain Dogwood’s work during the election and our democratic insurance policy — the Citizens’ Initiative. Dogwood’s remote organizer Anna facilitates a post-session Q&A and lets you know how you can join a Dogwood team.

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Have questions? Want to get involved? Contact our remote organizer, Anna Barford.


Here are some of the questions asked during the livestream:

Stefanie: Question: what is the insurance plan for the event of a spill in for example an aquifer ? (Chilliwack)

The Harper government stripped a lot of waterway environmental regulations, including on freshwater and fish bearing streams, so there are very few government protections for water ways. However, even if the political will and funding were available, there wouldn’t the ability to clean it up. “World class spill clean-up” only can clean up 50% of the spill. – Lisa

Frances: I’m really not sure if I’m “SOLD” on this idea of political power … I definitely recognize how things move through the political “scheme of things” but people are the POWER, not government. When it comes right down-to-it, people are going to react in a direct way, one way or the other to issues, not go through a political route …

People are the power, we absolutely agree. And since the government has chosen to listen to wealthy, out-of-province donors over British Columbians, we need to take back decision-making over our province. Some people may have access to, or prefer, other routes like legal action or direct action, but all of these strategies can work in parallel. – Lisa

Frances: I’m wondering if this initiative is the same one as”Let BC Vote”?

It is! Let BC Vote was the first stage of building citizen power to be able to successfully launch, and win, an initiative. This is the second stage, where we sign up canvassers and get to work! – Lisa

Bryan: This is a comment. There should be zero tolerance for any oil spill in any water way in the world. When it comes to BC’s coast, anyone that suggests that any allowance for any degree of risk for the transporting of oil on our coast doesn’t understand their responsibility to the environment. Any political party that is a proponent for this irresponsible deal making with big corporate money to put our shores at risk should be sent a message by not voting for them. Which party can be trusted to lead our province responsibly? NDP? Green? This is where the people lose control by trusting individuals who say they can be trusted and fail most every time. Greed, corruption and power hunger in every party that has ever run in this province has taken the life blood out of the people who are getting taxed to death in order for these corrupt individuals to do what ever they wish. The people need to take government back. I firmly believe that there must be government reform that will give responsible and accountable representation to the people who pay the bills. Citizen’s initiatives are a good start to demonstrate the power of the people but a political party must be formed that will bring back honest and responsible government to this country. Until that happens the people in this province will continue to suffer under mediocre government. I will participate by being a canvasser because the present issue must be dealt with. I will do my best to educate the people I sign up. Thank you to Dogwood for taking the step you have. Perhaps out of this experience some good politicians will be developed within your organization that will come forward and represent some of our population.

This is the first step to building citizen power. It is easy to feel disenfranchised by the system, but we are lucky in B.C. we have the initiative option. We hope that once British Columbians feel empowered to take back decision-making, we will have the ability to transform the political system. – Lisa

Frances: I just want to congratulate you on your diligence and foresight!

Thank you for coming out tonight! – Lisa

Don’t see an answer to your question? Contact our remote organizer, Anna.

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