Enbridge ponders feasibility of BC oil pipeline

For a year now, Enbridge has been floating the idea of a new oil pipeline – the “Gateway Pipeline” to run from the Alberta oilsands to Prince Rupert or Kitimat. Trouble is – no customers. But, we can expect news items like this until some customers show up, or the idea simply wears out.

The jury is still out on an Alberta energy utility’s proposal to build a $2.5-billion oil pipeline across British Columbia, a spokesman for Enbridge Inc. said Tuesday.

It would cost roughly $1.9 billion to build the B.C. portion of the line, creating an average 1,300 full-time jobs in this province over the two-year period it would take to construct it.

It would require support from numerous First Nations – highly unlikely in British Columbia’s present political climate – and the approval of several federal and provincial agencies.

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