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Send a kid to camp!

This is a powerful moment in history. Youth around the world are taking a stand, raising their voices together and demanding change. And British Columbia is no exception.

We believe with the right skills and tools, British Columbia’s youth can be effective change-makers in their home communities. We’re offering an intensive five-day program that combines theory with real world practice, designed to arm young British Columbians with the campaigning and organizing skills they’ll need to make a real difference.

Your donation today will go towards sponsoring a young person to reach their full potential as a community leader. You could change a teenager’s life — and by investing in young organizers, you are investing in your own community’s future too.

Young change-makers will learn about:

  • Grassroots organizing
  • Advocacy campaigning
  • Being a spokesperson for an issue
  • Indigenous solidarity
  • Community building

…and more

Thank you for giving B.C.’s youth the chance to shine!

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