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Trans Mountain is a LEMON

Trudeau’s Trans Mountain tanker project is a lemon that could jeopardize the health, safety and livelihoods of millions of people.

We’re approaching election season, when every campaign stop is a chance to make headlines. One well-timed photo bomb with our cheeky lemons is all it takes to get people across the country asking tough questions about how the next government will protect Canadians from such a toxic investment. Chip in now to help put the squeeze on pro-tanker politicians!

  • $3,000 will build a giant, flying, inflatable lemon with the words “TMX IS A LEMON”. Perfect for the next time Prime Minister Trudeau shows up on the West Coast for a photo op.


  • $750 will print 3,000 biodegradable “TMX IS A LEMON” stickers for a guerrilla marketing campaign that will see our message on lemons in produce aisles across B.C.


  • $450 will outfit each of our field teams with a “TMX IS A LEMON” costume, to pop up behind politicians who still think investing public money in Trans Mountain is a smart move.

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