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Due to the hard-hitting nature of our campaigns, donations to Dogwood are not eligible for a charitable tax credit.

Welcome to Payland™

Help reach voters age 18 to 35 with this hard-hitting political cartoon!

Corporate lobby groups and political parties have millions of dollars to blow on TV ads. Not Dogwood. That’s why we’re using tailored social media posts to reach key demographics for a fraction of the cost.

We’ve crafted a cheeky animated video comparing B.C. to an amusement park for sadistic businessmen. Viewers 18-35, especially young men, seem to love it. That’s promising, because in the last election only two in five of them bothered to cast a ballot.

Your donation will help Dogwood reach thousands of disengaged young voters on social media. If just a fraction of them get mad enough to vote on May 9, they could change the outcome of the election. Thank you for your support!

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