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Stand up for BC – No Tankers

The oil age is coming to an end. As world leaders finally move on climate action, investors in Alberta’s oil sands are desperate to liquidate high-cost bitumen reserves before slowing global demand locks them underground.

That’s what led companies from China and Texas to dream up massive oil tanker ports on the B.C. coast, fed by pipelines from Alberta. First they proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway, then Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Expansion. Each would involve shipping toxic, sinking crude to refineries overseas  with inevitable spills along the way.

Justin Trudeau jumped on the bandwagon, ignoring scientific and economic evidence and violating Indigenous rights.

He approved the Trans Mountain expansion after a rigged review process. Then, when Houston oil investors decided to pull out, Trudeau stepped forward with $4.5 billion taxpayer dollars to bail out the project. Now taxpayers own a leaky 65-year-old pipeline that’s still being litigated in federal courts. If pushed through there will be a 700% increase in tanker traffic, up to 400 tankers a year making their way along B.C.’s fragile coastline, pushing the endangered southern resident orca population to the brink of extinction

Your donation will help us organize your neighbours to defend their province, stop the Trans Mountain expansion and strengthen our democracy.

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