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Stand for democracy

It looks like rich financiers and developers are still trying to find sneaky ways to try to influence politicians. That means British Columbians like you and me need to stay vigilant, keeping political parties accountable to us.

A lot of the heavy lifting to ban Big Money from politics is done, thanks to you. But there’s still a lot more we can do to strengthen our democracy in B.C. Will you chip in to keep up the fight?

So while we keep our eye on corporate bad actors, we’re also working on another piece of democratic reform: lowering the voting age to 16 in B.C.

Your donation will go directly to training young activists and community leaders, travel budgets to spread the word across B.C., paying for community events to engage with locals, printing material and strategic planning from Dogwood staff.

Please donate to youth working hard to secure their own safe future!


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