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Don’t let Big Money buy back B.C.
For too long, politicians and their friends — real estate developers, oil and gas lobbyists, fraudsters and crooks — have had a chokehold on this province.

It’s time for everyday British Columbians to take back our democracy. Together, we are going to dismantle their system and replace it with fair, proportional voting.

Under our current system, power is concentrated in the hands of the few — career politicians elected with less than half the votes march into the legislature to do the bidding of their lobbyist friends.

Here’s the thing: The system isn’t broken. It’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to do — benefit big corporations at the expense of everyday people. That’s the problem.

We are at a point of crisis. But British Columbians like you and me, who have been stepped on for so long, are waking up. And now we have this one chance.rt!

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