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Midnight Deadline in Burnaby South

Big Oil is wading into Canadian elections in a big way. CAPP, the oil lobby group representing ExxonMobil, Shell, Petro China and the Koch brothers, has launched a new political campaign in Alberta. You can bet they’ll target the federal election next.

Tomorrow voters in Burnaby head to the polls. Justin Trudeau is desperate to win in Burnaby, so he can justify spending billions of taxpayer dollars building a pipeline. This by-election is crucial.

We need to build massive grassroots pushback, starting today. Please donate $35, $75 or even $150 to pay for digital ads slamming corporate welfare for Big Oil in the Burnaby by-election.

The Burnaby South by-election is an opportunity for local people to elect a real champion for their community and hold pro-pipeline, pro-buyout politicians accountable at the ballot box.

Dogwood volunteers, and the small staff team that supports them, are connecting with thousands of No Tankers voters in the last weeks of the campaign. They need clipboards and petitions for all those face-to-face conversations, as well as the technology to reach Burnaby South residents over the phones.

Can you chip in to arm our volunteers with the tools they need?

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