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The legacy of two legendary activists

03.12.12 | Retired Campaigns |  Will Horter

British Columbia became poorer when legendary activists Art Loring and Jim Green died within weeks of one another in February. These two courageous men dramatically changed the course of British Columbia history and both British Columbia and Dogwood Initiative mourn their loss. Both Art and Jim were directors of Forest Futures – Dogwood Initiative’s original […]

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In your words: Say thank you to Joe Oliver

02.16.12 | Retired Campaigns |  Emma Gilchrist

January is normally the slowest month of the year for donations, but this year was a different story. We saw such a surge in gifts that the national media took notice. Indeed, a sassy “Say thank you to Joe Oliver” note in the memo section of a cheque we received made the news across the […]

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We won! Lessons learned from the campaign trail

09.19.11 | Retired Campaigns |  Gordon O'Connor

Last week, after two years of controversy, an application to build nearly 300 houses along the Juan de Fuca trail was denied by the Capital Regional District (CRD) board. This historic decision came on the back of an unprecedented campaign involving thousands of people that culminated with three days of public hearings. The people spoke, […]

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We did it!

09.15.11 | Retired Campaigns |  Gordon O'Connor

It’s been two years. Thousands of people have joined the campaign to stop urban sprawl in the Capital Regional District (CRD). Now it’s time for all of us to celebrate our recent success! Here’s a video of last week’s historic victory: People from all walks of life and all ages took the CRD to task […]

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Tip of the iceberg

08.16.11 | Retired Campaigns |  Gordon O'Connor

Ender Ilkay’s application to build nearly 300 vacation homes next to the Juan de Fuca trail is a blessing in disguise.  It’s not a blessing because it’s a good idea or a well-drafted proposal that will benefit our community.  It won’t protect the environment, promote sustainability, create affordable housing or accomplish any of our regional […]

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Why the CRD is broken (and how to fix it)

04.18.11 | Retired Campaigns |  Will Horter

Nothing in the world is static. Biological forces such as natural selection and competition for scarce resources compel organisms to evolve, transform themselves or potentially die out. The same is true for communities. There are major challenges on the horizon. The combination of global warming, the rising cost of fuel and food and the increasingly […]

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Flying and Climate Justice

11.20.10 | Retired Campaigns |  Cliff Stainsby

On occasion Dogwood Initiative posts blogs written by our supporters. If you’ve got a topic you’d like to write about get in touch with us If you’d like to send comments or feedback on this blog to the author, please post it as a comment below. In her response to my blog titled ‘Climate Hypocrisy‘, […]

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Averting Crisis

11.18.10 | Retired Campaigns |  Gordon O'Connor

Think twenty years into the future and imagine the type of community you’d like to be living in… The Our Home is Not For Sale campaign asked that question to hundreds of people over the past year and their answers have been almost identical: People imagine a community with a stable economy, a secure source […]

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