No Tankers

The oil age is coming to an end. As world leaders finally move on climate action, investors in Alberta’s oil sands are desperate to liquidate high-cost bitumen reserves before slowing global demand locks them underground.

Companies from China and Texas have come up with a reckless and greedy proposal: the Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain expansion. It involves twinning a massive pipeline across B.C. to a supertanker terminal on our coast. From there, this toxic, sinking crude would be shipped to refineries overseas if it doesn’t spill along the way.

And now our Prime Minister has jumped on the bandwagon, ignoring scientific and economic evidence, choosing instead to give in to the oil lobby’s pressure. His government is handing $4.5 billion taxpayer dollars to wealthy oil executives in Houston. Canadians are left holding a leaky 65-year-old pipeline, and an uncosted expansion project with no market and no future.

Big Oil may have unlimited money to run ads and buy politicians, but we have First Nations and the people of B.C. on our side. This is a battle we can’t and won’t lose.

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