Beyond Coal

Desperate for the cheapest route to China, struggling U.S. coal companies are using British Columbia as a back door. Now an Australian conglomerate wants to expand Fraser Surrey Docks, shipping up to eight million tonnes a year over the border in dusty rail cars.

On the first day of global climate talks in Paris, The Port of Vancouver issued a second approval to Fraser Surrey Docks, allowing giant Panamax ships to travel up the Fraser River. This contradicts any efforts by politicians to cast B.C. as a “climate leader.”

The Beyond Coal movement is building stronger and bigger than ever before to ensure federal and local officials take action to stop thermal coal exports and rein in the rogue port authority. But we can’t do it without you.

Read more about our call to equalize taxation of coal in B.C. by including U.S. exports.


Beyond Coal is made possible in part by CNC Repair

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