Organizing Coordinator

Dogwood – Organizing Coordinator
Date posted: February 22, 2021
Closing date: March 15, 2021
Salary: $54,000/year, plus benefits (Coordinator 3 classification)
Job type: Full-time (37.5 hours/week), permanent, unionized (BCGEU)
Desired start date: April 2021
Location: B.C. lower mainland

Dogwood is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit organization working in the unceded Indigenous territories known as British Columbia. Dogwood’s mission is to bring people together to transform our democracy, uphold Indigenous rights and defend the climate, land and water that sustain life in B.C. We currently have an opening for an Organizing Coordinator in the Lower Mainland, reporting to the Director of Organizing.

As part of the Dogwood team, you would:
● Be part of the team managing grassroots organizing that advances Dogwood’s campaigns to democratize, decolonize and decarbonize B.C.
● Work with Dogwood’s existing volunteer base and build and mentor new volunteer teams in the Lower Mainland.
● Use creative tactics to broaden and diversify Dogwood’s base of supporters and volunteers, including outreach, canvassing, recruitment, training and leadership development.
● Work with other organizations that share common goals.
● Advance learning and action among Dogwood’s volunteer base to support Indigenous rights, transform democracy and fight climate change.
● Support volunteer teams building relationships with the Indigenous Nations where they live.
● Contribute to decisions about tactics, strategy, policy and internal change at the organization.
● Work with a stellar team of thirteen other dedicated, compassionate people.
● Join the B.C. Government Employees Union, which represents Dogwood staff.
● Have a flexible and rewarding work environment, including four weeks paid vacation in your first year, and health, dental and paramedical benefits.

Requirements for this position
● Demonstrate that you have used grassroots organizing skills to address an issue or problem you care about (volunteer or professional).
● Enjoy working with people one-on-one and in small groups.
● Demonstrate a commitment to Dogwood’s mission and values.
● Be legally authorized to work in Canada.

Additional Experience and Skills
In your application, we encourage you to highlight personal strengths, knowledge, lived experience, training or aptitudes relevant to the position, including, but not limited to:
● Digital organizing. Connecting with and mobilizing people online, using digital tools and social media to recruit volunteers, build relationships, train people and take action.
● Issues relevant to Dogwood’s work (e.g. environmental and climate justice, social and economic justice, political activism, democratic governance, community building and empowerment).
● Lived experience, teaching or training in areas of Indigenous history, rights, governance, culture, sovereignty.
● Decolonization, anti-racism or solidarity work.
● Organizing or campaigning with young people or working with youth in general.
● Politics at any level (local, school, Indigenous, provincial, federal, international).
● Working with others to get things done.

To apply for this position please e-mail a curriculum vitae or resume and an application statement to We are happy to accept application statements in written, audio or video form. When e-mailing your application, please include your first and last name in the file titles. No phone calls please.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for follow up phone calls and interviews. The hiring committee aims to make a hiring decision by late March 2021.

More about Dogwood
Dogwood is committed to becoming a workplace where people of diverse identities, backgrounds and abilities want to work and feel safe working. We encourage all qualified applicants to apply including Black, Indigenous and people of colour; people of all gender identities and abilities. Dogwood strives not to discriminate based on race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, political belief, age, gender, sexual orientation or class. Our supporters, volunteers, donors and staff value people, the environment, justice and democracy.

These shared values shape the beliefs that drive the organization:
● The people who live in B.C. should have more power over government decisions than corporations, industry lobbies or wealthy elites.
● The climate emergency is an urgent, overarching threat to ecosystems and communities across B.C.
● Effective climate action is not possible without decolonizing our society at the same time.
● The overlapping crises we face do disproportionate harm to people who are already marginalized. Dogwood’s work should contribute to fixing those injustices, not perpetuating them.
● It is the responsibility of non-Indigenous people to repair colonial injustice, return stolen land and reconcile our laws with Indigenous laws and systems of government.
● The provincial government will and must play a role in tackling the climate emergency and dismantling colonialism. But the current political system is holding us back.
● Organized people working in collaboration have the power to change what is possible in B.C.

Dogwood can’t succeed alone. Our organization is part of broader movements for social change and climate justice. We believe Dogwood has a unique role to play in changing the balance of power in B.C. through political organizing. People at Dogwood share a long-term vision of a society that is democratized, decolonized and decarbonized. Where our commitments to each other and the place we live have made B.C. an inspiring example for others.

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